Merry by Mia has been graced with the kindest couples, bridal parties, moms-to-be, and families. In the process of fully understanding what exactly will make you happy in your big day, clients often become like family to us.


Steph and Ava

New Year's Eve 2018, Brooklyn, New York

"Mia was a personal referral from a friend who knew her from work. Immediately upon meeting Mia it was so clear that she was organized, capable, and knowledgeable. We chose her because of these qualities and her experience with weddings that were like ours that didn’t have an on-site caterer and multiple vendors.

Without Mia our wedding would not have been possible. She arrived on-site at 11 AM and was there until 2:45 AM. Everything ran smoothly and her service let my wife and I completely enjoy our wedding day without worrying about any of the logistics. She solved last minute crises that were totally shielded from us and really ensured that the wedding was perfect. Mia was in charge of setting up our decorations. When I walked in to our venue it looked even better than I could have imagined. 

Mia was hands down the best money we spent on our wedding. Without her, the wedding would not have been executed flawlessly. We would hire Mia ten times over again. Mia was organized, on the ball, adaptable and because of her the wedding was perfect. 

Day of coordinators are absolutely essential for peace of mind. If you want to feel stress free on your wedding day, a day of coordinator can allow that to happen. We were able to relax and enjoy every moment of our wedding day without having to deal with logistics. Knowing that Mia was there handling everything really made it so we could be in the moment and not worry. 

Mia was incredible! I am not exaggerating in saying that our wedding would not have been possible without her. She was absolutely critical to the execution of our event and I cannot recommend her more highly. She also was able to deal with our rambunctious family and friends and even came to run our rehearsal the night before so everyone in our bridal party could meet her before the wedding day. She went above and beyond to make sure we could enjoy the day."

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Maggie and Patrick

March 2016, Long Island City, New York

"I had  never planned a wedding before and was super overwhelmed with everything that went into it. We had to bring in all outside vendors for our venue and it was a huge undertaking to organize and execute. Not only was I looking for help and advice, but I wanted to take any day-of pressure off of my parents and family so they could enjoy the day.

After working with Mia outside of wedding planning, I knew how beneficial it would be to have her on my team. Mia showed up from day one organized and confident that she could give us our dream wedding. Not only was she reliable and available at the drop of the hat, but she was full of advice and recommendations for vendors, ideal timeline, set up, decorations, etc. Whenever I was overwhelmed during the planning process she jumped up to take anything off my plate and calm me down. The day of our wedding, Mia was in constant contact with all of our vendors and oversaw the entire set up. She was super proactive to put out the inevitable small fires on her own without stressing me out. Not only did it put me at ease, but my parents were so thankful - my dad even gave Mia a shout out during his speech because she was so amazing!

We were beyond satisfied working with Mia and could not speak more highly of her.

I have and continue to recommend Mia to anyone getting married! She made our wedding day so memorable and carefree. It would not have been the same (or as easy!) without her.

Getting married should be the happiest time in your life, but the process undoubtedly comes with a lot of work and stress. The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is if your flowers are set up properly or if the caterer has arrived on time. Having peace of mind that everything is handled and in capable hands is priceless."

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Danielle and Tom

June 2016, Brooklyn, New York

"We really wanted a stress free day. We wanted to know someone else was working out the details of the day, and would take care of them in an efficient and seamless way. We were really hoping to not have to worry about the details and to have someone by our sides if we needed anything at all. 

We specifically chose Mia because she has worked with many other brides we knew, and has had great success. We were totally happy working with her. She was a great help, and made our families and wedding party feel at ease. She anticipated things that we would not have, and really made the day that much easier and more enjoyable. 

Work with Mia! Not just because she's super organized, and reliable, but because she has an amazing energy that will add to the excitement of the day! 

Not only is a day of coordinator a 100% necessity to all brides' sanities, but most venues will actually require one. We would recommend getting ahead of planning and have Mia step in as soon as possible. She will make the wedding planning process a breeze, and you will be able to concentrate on what really matters - feeling amazing during this special time!"


Jen and James

October 2015, Orange County, New York

"Heeding the advice of several recently married friends, I chose to hire Mia as a Day-Of Coordinator to help handle any of the last minute surprises, logistics, people shuffling, vendor payments, decorations, music playing and general craziness of the day. I was beyond satisfied with my decision, and Mia was a life-saver in handling all of the details seamlessly behind the scenes. The day went perfectly without a hitch, and all of the vendors praised how helpful she was in ensuring everything went smoothly. In hindsight, I don't know how I was planning to handle all of the (many!) day-of details without having had it take away from enjoying the day. I highly recommend Mia to anyone - she's a genuine pleasure to work with."